Tuesday, September 29, 2009

History of Pro Evolution Soccer

Soccer is very famous game in whole world and most of the people love this game, soccer is a game of killer instinct, spirit and stamina and Pro evolution soccer released the game of this sport in November 2001 and till now they have already come up with ninth new version of this game and that is pro evolution 2010. This new version is consisting of all kinds of new functionalities.

Pro Evolution Soccer has been entertaining us for the past 9 years and they are still giving us new entering stuff. This game is also well known as a Wining Eleven 5 in some regions of the world and their developers are Konami TYO and they are also the publisher of this game. Pro Evolution Soccer has a big market share with FIFA now as they are very popular these days so the market share of both of them is increasing day by day.

Pro evolution soccer has been always good they always come up with the much better version with needful changes in game. They are making this soccer game more realistic with all new functionalities and mode.

This game has been always on the top amongst the all soccer games and now they really outperformed all their competitors of them. Since 2001 soccer game fans are playing this game and they never fell bored of it because of the changes in the game comes time to time. We are also glad that we are playing this game and thank you Pro Evolution Soccer for giving the best soccer game.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Pro evolution soccer 2010 rumors

Whenever any product launches their new version or launches them in the market rumors automatically come or launched with that product which is the nature of modernize media. Well, there is no basic or any big and small kinds of problem with new version of pro evolution but rumor is following them. The developer and publishers of this soccer game never care of about the rumors and they have not been in the rumors for the past long time but finally rumors caught them in their new launch of Pro evolution soccer 2010.

There are some rumors like that PES will hire or there would be 200 people more work on this new version because there are some drawbacks in the game, there would be some changes regarding graphics and animation, 10 vs. 10 online is the aim, master league refurbish and some problem regarding licenses as well. But these are all rumors nothing is true actually some people enjoy rumors and some just ignore them but there should not be any effect on Pro evolution soccer 2010 because they did a very hard work with their honest and they put all their efforts for this new version as they have been usually doing all these things.

We should not care about these kind of rumors, let the media and people speak whatever they want to speak about this. Our job is to play this new version which is much better now with all kinds of new functionalities and great visual is the best part of Pro evolution soccer 2010. Enjoy the game and laugh on the rumors.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Upcoming 2010 Soccer Video Games

Here is the good news for all soccer game fans. The Pro Evolution Soccer 2010 is with their forthcoming soccer video games and they have made the major changes in this new version as we always expect new change with high quality and more features. The PES 2010 is ready to accomplish all your expectations.

The Pro Evolution 2010 made it better as far as vision, animation and moves concern and now you can feel the real soccer on your screen with the more actions of live players which they will change accordingly. It also accommodates more skillful goal keeper with good applications between defenders and mid fielders.

Now you can enjoy this game online with good functionalities. Earlier online game was not that advanced but Teamvision 2.0 improved the all kinds of drawback which usually we had to face when we play online. It’s quite good consisting with better updates and you can download the content as well.

Pro Evolution Soccer 2010 is accessible on the XBOX 360, PS3, PC version, PSP and on your PS2 also. With all the new functionalities and everyone can play this online also and you can take the real feel of gaming here. We always find real stuff in the games whether it’s Soccer, wrestling, Cricket, Baseball or any other game if we get all that things what we always want in the games we feel awesome at that moment. Play now Pro Evolution Soccer 2010 which will give you the feel of real gaming and enjoy the soccer.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Pro Evolution Soccer 2010

PES 2010

I would like to start this blog with an intro. Please see below:

The first time that I have heard of pro evolution was probably 2003. A friend started gaming and encountered this great soccer video game. He had been messing around with the Shalom Tzrovim and his playstation till one day Shalom disappeared. Anyways, I will get back to the intro.

For the soccer fans or as the British call it Football, there are many of you out there that love the EA Fifa alternative and love it much better. It all depends on your own preference.

I will be updating this blog hopefully the sooner the better with additional tips, release dates, cheats and new posted videos. I hope you all enjoy this and ofcourse for my writing to improve on all related to pro evolution soccer 2010 and enjoy the process. Amen.